KODAK 4.6KW Solar Hybrid Inverter

R17537,50 (R15250,00 Excl. VAT)

The Kodak 4.6KW is an Intelligent Hybrid Inverter with dual MPPTs, so you can have panels on diffent roof surfaces (e.g. East / West).

Because it has Off-Grid functionality, it doesn’t power down during load shedding. You have full control over export capabilities, so you can decide whether or not you want it to push electricity upstream. It can also function in UPS mode, so you don’t require solar upfront. This is a huge advantage in terms of expandability.

It includes CAN and RS485 connectivity, so it is compatible with most Lithium Batteries. It can also connect to your network via LAN or WiFi. The standard warranty is 5 years.

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  • All New Intelligent Hybrid PV Inverter.
  • Dual MPPT.
  • Off-grid backup function.
  • Export Control.
  • UPS function.
  • Intelligent EMS function.
  • Integrated BMS.
  • Smart battery SOC detection – Compatible with various 48V batteries.
  • Multiple protection functions.
  • CAN, RS485, WiFi/LAN/GRPS (Optional).
  • 5 years standard warranty.

Technical Specifications:

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Weight 21.42 kg
Dimensions 505 × 333 × 249 mm