Ellies 5 000 W Solar Inverter On/Off-Grid Kit

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The system provides 230Vac mains power for places where
utility power is unavailable. Its the ideal solution to power
most homes ON/OFF the national grid.
Reduce your energy bill with an ON grid solar PV panel

  •  Can be used as a grid-connected backup inverter without PV panels.
  • Off-grid with PV installed can supply up to 16.5kWh/day.
  • Grid connected with PV installed can reduce electricity bills up to 16.5kWh/day.
  • 5000W / 5000VA pure sine wave 48V to 230V inverter.
  • 4000W/80A, 60 to 115VDC MPPT, Max. 145V solar charge controller.
  • 2A – 60A selectable mains input battery charger.
  • Simultaneous mains and PV battery charging.
  • Overload / Over temperature / Short circuit protected.
  • Compatible with generator power.
  • Dry contact controls additional loads based on battery state of charge for optimised PV energy use.
  • Multiple inverters can be installed in parallel to increase output power or provide 3 phase power.
  • Mains bypass switch, earth leakage, circuit breaker and indicators.
  • Battery and PV fuse disconnectors.
  • Smart charger to optimise battery life and performance.
  • USB port for power monitoring devices (optional).
  • Solar Wiz Home Usable with up to a maximum of 4000W (15 x 275W) PV panels.

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