BN52V-100-5.2k DU (Daily Use)

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BN52V-100-5.2k DU Product Description:

The BlueNova® 52V RacPower batteries are 48V system-compatible and have been designed for installation in 19” server cabinets. Developed specifically to support business and home installations, a single 5.2k Daily Use unit can supply a sustained 2000W for a typical 2.5 hour load-shedding cycle.

Up to 9 x BN52V-100-5.2k DU units (46kWh) can be connected in parallel.

The Daily Use model also includes serial communication (CAN / RS485) functionality.

The RacPower product range can be found on the Blue Nova Website.

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BN52V-100-5.2k DU Specifications:

Product Features:

  • The BN52V-100-5.2k DU battery includes ultra-reliable lithium iron phosphate technology with a 10 year warranty on the battery.
  • The BN52V-100-5.2k DU battery has high performance with a continuous power output of 5.2kW and is fully rechargeable in 2 hours.
  • The BN52V-100-5.2k DU battery is robust and durable and can be discharged to 100% DoD with a performance cycle life of > 8000 cycles.
  • The BN52V-100-5.2k DU battery is safe and secure with over-charge, over-discharge and short-circuit protection. It is non-combustible & 100% Recyclable.
  • The Daily Use model also includes serial communication (CAN / RS485) functionality.

General Specifications:

  • Battery Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4).
  • Nominal Voltage: 51.2V.
  • Ah Rating: 100Ah @C3, 25°C.
  • Installed Capacity @Vnom: 5 120Wh.
  • Cycle life @100% DoD C1: 3000 cycles (5 200Wh).
  • Cycle life @100% DoD C2: 5000 cycles (5 200Wh).
  • Cycle life @80% DoD C2: 7500 cycles (4 160Wh).
  • Internal Resistance: ≤ 30mΩ @1kHz AC.


  • Operating Voltage Range: 46.0V – 55.0V.
  • Bulk Voltage (max): 55.0V ± 0.3V.
  • Float Voltage (recommended): 54.0V ± 0.3V.
  • Low-Voltage (min): 46.5V.


  • Charge Current (max.): 60A continuous / ≤ 60A recommended.
  • Discharge Current (max.): 100A continuous.
  • Self-discharge Rate – Residual capacity: ≤ 3% /month – ≤ 15% /year.
  • Self-discharge Rate – Recover capacity: ≤ 1.5% /month – ≤ 8% /year.

Environmental Requirements:

  • Operating Temperature Range – @Charge: 0°C – +45°C.
  • Operating Temperature Range – @Discharge: –20°C – +60°C.
  • Recommended Operating Environment: Temp. range: +15 ~ +35°C – Humidity: 45 – 75%RH.
  • Storage Environment (stored ≤ 1 month): Temp. range: –20 – +35°C – Humidity: 45 – 75%RH.
  • Storage Environment (stored ≤ 3 months): Temp. range: +10 – +45°C – Humidity: 5 – 75%RH.

Physical Attributes:

  • Dimensions – Main enclosure: 442mm x 520mm x 178mm (L x W x H).
  • Dimensions – Front plate: 483mm x 178mm (L x H).
  • Net Weight: 55.0kg (unboxed, no accessories).
  • Serial Communication: CAN and RS485 .

Important: Inverter and charger voltage calibration:

Some inverters/chargers have been known to return inaccurate results when measuring voltage. In such cases, the inverter/charger should be calibrated as follows:

Compare the voltage values displayed by the inverter/charger with that of a calibrated voltmeter. If the actual voltage differs by more than 100mV from that measured by the inverter/charger, apply this difference to the highlighted values above (i.e. if actual voltage is 56V while inverter voltage is 56.5V, the voltage difference is 0.5V and should be subtracted from each of the set values above).

Note: Some inverters/chargers have pre-programmed lead-acid related algorithms & functionalities such as auto-desulfation and equalization. These functionalities should be disabled, where possible.

Serial Communication:

BlueNova® 52V RacPower batteries include serial communication functionality via CAN protocol. Serial-connecting a 52V NG battery to a compatible inverter, charger or other third-party hardware device normally negates the necessity of manual voltage-based installation procedures, as described above.

The installation procedure for serial integration varies and is determined by the serial-compatible peripheral hardware that is being integrated with.

Please note for Victron installations the DVCC must be switched on.


BlueNova batteries can be connected in parallel to each other to increase overall capacity ONLY IF ALL the requirements below are met.

  • The nominal voltage of all parallel connected batteries is the same (52V).
  • The installed capacity for all batteries is the same.
  • Each battery is operating within its warranty period.

A total of  9 units can be connected in parallel, for a total installed capacity of 46.8 kWh @C2 at 25 °C.

The Daily Use model also includes serial communication (CAN / RS485) functionality.

Additional information

Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 520 × 442 × 178 mm