Micro Inverter System

The Hoymiles Micro Inverter System allows for the installation of a safe, infinitely scalable, grid-tied solar production system. It feeds solar-generated electricity directly into the distribution board – and the system doesn’t require batteries. The principle is simple: add an MPPT to the solar panels, convert the direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) right at the source, and then use the much safer AC cable runs to connect to the national electricity connection.

Hoymiles Micro Inverter System Advantages:

  • No batteries are required. Therefore, no batteries need to be replaced.
  • Very little ongoing maintenance required (especially when compared to normal string inverter systems).
  • Modular system design enables infinite scalability – add more units as required.
  • Solar panels operate (and are monitored) independently. This drastically reduces losses due to partial shading or solar panel malfunction.
  • Low voltage system engineered with safety in mind.
  • Converted to AC right at the source helping to eliminate losses.
  • AC cable runs are much more economical than DC cable runs.

Hoymiles Micro Inverter System components:

You can use the components below to create your own Micro Inverter System, or you can take a look at our pre-configured systems (component bundles).

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Showing all 7 results