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About SA Energy Initiative – an introduction

Solar panels

Why we started SA Energy Initiative

We started SA Energy Initiative to focus on educating end users whilst selling energy-related products. In South Africa, the people using the products are too often left to fend for themselves when it comes to product selection, product information and product installation. When you walk into a huge retail store, you have a very slim chance of finding someone who is willing, and have the appropriate knowledge, to assist you to select the correct product for your application. This is a big problem that leads to customers feeling unsatisfied.

We aim to change that by freely providing technical and practical information on our products, their application, installation techniques and any specific legal requirements.

Product groups we offer:

Solar energy products available from SA Energy Initiative Solar and renewable energy solutions:

Renewable energy systems are making waves across the country. We have partnered with the leading suppliers to bring you the best local and international products for your solar project.

We can handle from the smallest to the largest projects in South Africa, and can also assist you with materials and supplies for a DIY project. Have a look at our online solar shop to see what we can offer you.

Types of solar systems we sell and install:

  • Grid-Tied Solar Solutions: A solar power system that is dependant on the Grid infrastructure.
  • Off-Grid Solar Solutions: A solar power system that is used where there is no Grid infrastructure.
  • Hybrid Solar Solutions: A solar system that is used in conjunction with the Grid, but not dependent on it to operate.

FLA60E27W 5W LED Warm White Lamp For Life A60 LED Lighting:

Anyone can reap an immediate benefit from LED lighting. LED lighting decreases energy consumption and provides better quality light – and more of it. In general, LED lighting can save you between 50% and 90% of your lighting expense. We have partnered with the best local suppliers of LED lighting to enable us to provide high quality LED lighting at affordable prices.

Homeowners and small businesses can buy LED lamps (bulbs) from our online store and have it delivered anywhere in South Africa. They can install it themselves and get a lot of benefit for a small investment. Larger companies can also rest assured that they will receive the best value for money from our high-quality products and expert installation teams.

Ellies Generator Generators:

Whether you need a generator for load shedding or prolonged power outages, or you simply need electricity in remote locations (e.g. for field service), we have the generator solution for you.

From small 2.8KW generators for remote locations, to mid-size generators for homes and small businesses – and even large crane delivered generators to support office complexes and large buildings. All generators automatically include delivery anywhere in South Africa.

Have a look at our online store or get in touch with us for more information or pricing.

Ellies Trolley Inverter - Backup power system UPS / Inverter Backup Power system (for load shedding):

If you simply need something to get you through load shedding or sudden short power outages, have a look at our UPS and inverter based backup power solutions.